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Mildew often seems to get worse during the winter time. Perhaps this is because condensation increases and moisture makes its way into your home. Fortunately, you can follow some simple tips to reduce moisture in the home and help minimize mildew. You can increase airflow and reduce humidity, both of which keep indoor mildew at bay during the winter in your Brunswick, Georgia, home.

Improve Airflow

One of the simplest ways to reduce mildew during the winter is to use your fans. A lot of people are mistaken and think that fans should only be used during the warmer months. Using fans can actually improve heating efficiency. Even better, it can increase air circulation, which means there’s a lesser chance that condensation will build up in nooks and crannies.

Seal Air Leaks

Another simple way to minimize mildew is to have an HVAC specialist inspect the home for air leaks. Cold air seeping in through windows and doors can increase condensation, which makes mildew grow. Any time you notice an air leak, make sure to seal it as soon as possible. Also, have your home inspected at least twice a year for air leaks. Fixing air leaks not only reduces mildew but also improves indoor air quality.

Stay Organized

Mildew likes to grow among clutter. Because of this, you should do your best to reduce clutter by staying organized. If you have boxes of loose paper or clothing, you’ll want to organize them by using strategic organizational containers. Make sure to store such items away from windows and doors.

Use Vent Fans in the Bathroom

A lot of moisture makes its way into your home when you shower. Use your vent fan to reduce this moisture. If the vent fan isn’t working, contact a professional HVAC contractor to have the fan repaired or replaced.

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