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When you purchased your HVAC system, you made a significant investment in your family’s comfort. The next logical step is to provide that equipment with the ongoing maintenance it needs to continue functioning reliably as long as you own the system. The fact is, regular preventive maintenance does more than simply protect your initial investment; it also saves you money every time you use your system. Here are some ways HVAC maintenance can boost your budget while increasing comfort in your St. Simons Island, Georgia home.

Direct Benefits of HVAC Maintenance to Your Budget

When you invest in routine HVAC maintenance, you will reap the rewards. Here are the following ways you can save money by signing up for a maintenance plan:

  • Lower utility bills due to greater energy efficiency
  • Fewer repair bills due to reduced system wear and tear
  • Less expensive repairs due to early detection of developing problems
  • Less frequent system replacement due to longer equipment life

Our Maintenance Plan Can Compound Your Savings

When you sign up for one of our A/C Guys preventive maintenance plans — Basic or Basic Plus — you put yourself in line for even greater savings. In fact, you put yourself at the front of the line for priority service whenever you experience an HVAC emergency. In addition, you’ll never pay overtime charges for after-hours emergency repair service for the duration of your plan.

Instead, you’ll pay our very reasonable flat rate as opposed to the normal hourly rate we charge for after-hours service. Regardless of how long the job takes, that flat rate will be lower than one hour at our normal emergency service rate. Another way you’ll save with an A/C Guys maintenance plan is by ensuring that your HVAC equipment warranties remain valid.

Save in Summer & Winter with Our 31-Point Inspection & Tune-Up

Our reasonably priced 31-point HVAC maintenance inspection will provide a thorough precision tune-up that will help your system give you the summer and winter savings you’ve been seeking. Download our preventive maintenance document for additional info on preventive maintenance, including the details of our 31-point inspection — or get in touch for answers to your maintenance questions or to schedule your 31-point maintenance inspection.

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