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Heat Pumps Brought to You by The A/C Guys in St. Simons and Brunswick, GA

Temperatures soaring into the 90s are the norm during the long warm-weather season in southeast Georgia. In our hot and humid climate, heat pumps offer an effective way to stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Heat Pump Services

When winter storms roll through on Sea Island, St. Simons or Jekyll Island, they can also keep you warm and cozy. Versatile, reliable and highly energy-efficient, heat pumps installed by The A/C Guys offer an all-season solution to your comfort needs.

Types of Heat Pump Units

Heat pump cooling systems are some of the most popular types of HVAC systems on the Golden Isles. Like traditional air conditioners, they work by using refrigerant to pull heat from the air and move it outdoors. When equipped with a special reversing valve, they can also extract heat from outside to warm you in winter. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, The A/C Guys are able to offer an energy-efficient heat pump unit for every application:

  • The most common type of heat pump, air-source systems, are ideal for hot and humid climates like Georgia. Their ability to dehumidify the air increases your comfort and lets you decrease your energy usage.
  • Geothermal systems use the thermal energy beneath the earth’s surface to transfer heat to and from your home. Cutting energy costs by up to 65 percent, they’re some of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available.
  • Ductless heat pumps are perfect for homes and business without ductwork. They use individual air handlers to deliver air into different living spaces. Handheld remotes let you customize your comfort in every room.

Innovative Heat Pump Features

Recent advancements in HVAC technology have made energy-efficient heat pump units even better. Models with variable-speed blowers operate at full velocity when you need it and at a lower speed when you don’t. Instead of intermittent blasts of air, you enjoy an even delivery of cooling comfort. Systems with two-speed compressors can adjust operation to match your comfort needs too. Today’s heat pumps are all about maximizing your comfort while minimizing your energy expenses.

Heat Pump Installation from The A/C Guys

Before performing any heat pump installation, our industry certified technicians conduct load calculations to determine your unique comfort needs. This ensures that the heat pump unit is sized right for optimal performance. We’re proud that our installation expertise has been recognized by Trane, one of the country’s top HVAC manufacturers. We’ve been awarded the best rating for proper installation in the southern United States.

The A/C Guys installs, repairs and services residential and commercial heat pump systems throughout Brunswick and the neighboring communities. We’re proud to offer energy-efficient systems that save you money while enhancing your indoor comfort.

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