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Save Time and Money with a Biannual Maintenance Program from The A/C Guys in St. Simons and Brunswick GA

About our Biannual Maintenance Program

To keep your HVAC system running smoothly, we recommend an HVAC maintenance visit twice a year, typically in the spring then again in the fall. Please find the benefits to joining our program listed below, as well as a checklist of what we check upon each appointment no matter which tier of service you choose. We bill for maintenances at the time of service: you will not need to pre-pay for our program, please do expect to pay at the time of service. Your technician can collect via cash, checks, credit or debit cards on-site. In the event you are not home for service, please give us a call to pay over the phone or pay via our website once you receive the invoice via email.

Please note that once you sign up for our program, in order to maintain an active membership, you must schedule your appointments every six months. While missing one appointment does not lead to membership revocation, maintaining an active membership requires consistently scheduling appointments. We will send you biannual reminders via email when your property is due. Please be sure to provide your most up-to-date contact information so that we can better assist you in booking your maintenance appointments.

Benefits of Our Biannual Maintenance Program

  • Receive both priority AND after-hours assistance, 24/7.
  • Ensure validity of equipment warranties.
  • 31-Point Inspection – One regular filter per system is included.

*Biannual Maintenance Program is subject to change anytime, without notice, at our discretion.

Basic Tier

This HVAC maintenance plan includes our 31-Point Inspection for $99 per system. One regular filter per system is included, and there are extra costs for any specialty filters needed. Any necessary cleaning or repairs will be addressed with the customer prior to scheduling another visit. Additional costs may incur.

Basic Plus Tier

This HVAC maintenance plan includes our 31-Point Inspection as well as cleaning all coils with a specialized cleanser and sanitizing internal cabinet &components for $155 per system. One regular filter per system is included, and there are extra costs for any specialty filters needed. Any necessary repairs will be addressed with the customer prior to scheduling a repair visit. Additional costs may incur.

31-Point Inspection Includes:

  • Check thermostat operations.
  • Change filters (Dirty filters reduce cooling performance and put excess stress on electrical components).
  • Flush drains (Drains do not need to be neglected; water damage can occur to electrical controls in air handler, internal cabinet insulation, and home construction material. Condensation pumps will be serviced, if applicable.
  • Safety pan inspection -this ensures that the pan covers the air handler properly and includes safety switch testing.
  • Lubricate motor bearings, if applicable.
  • Check blower wheel for buildup. (Clogged blower will reduce air flow and cooling capacity).
  • Check motor bearings for wear (Worn bearings will reduce unit reliability).
  • Adjust belts on blowers, replace if necessary. (This will improve unit efficiency). If applicable.
  • Check all electrical unions. (Loose connections cause overheating).
  • Check amp draw on all electrical motors (This ensures motor is performing properly and is reliable).
  • Check all motor capacitors (Weak capacitors result in higher motor amp draw; this can result in a motor electrical failure).
  • Check all relays and contactors for wear and overheating.
  • Check evaporator coil for mold and build up (Clean and sanitize for additional cost if authorization is given). Note: Clogged evaporator coils reduce air flow and reduce cooling capacity, this can also result in system icing.
  • Check temperature drop across coil (15* to 18* drop across coil indicates system is performing within acceptable range for cooling).
  • Check refrigerant levels (Charge will be checked with equipment manufacturer’s specifications. If refrigerant is required, owner will be advised).
  • Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks (Oil will be present at a refrigerant leak location).
  • Clean leaves from outdoor unit. (Leaves decompose and become acidic, causing rust and corrosion. This can result in refrigerant leaks).
  • Clean the condenser coil. (Access to water must be present. Cleaning the coil improves system performance).
  • Seal panels with tape at the air handler. (This prevents attic air from entering the conditioned air handler cabinet).
  • Visually inspect accessible duct work. (Busted duct work generates an inefficient AC system).
  • Check crank case heater (This component prevents the buildup of liquid refrigerant in the compressor. Crank case is very important for compressor lubrication).
  • Check heating elements (Heat only – 2nd stage heat for a heat pump).
  • Defrost control test (This device prevents a heat pump from icing up in the winter).
  • Check all safety on gas furnaces (Heat only).
  • Check all flue connections (Heat only).
  • Check gas pressure (Heat only).
  • Heat exchanger will be inspected for cracks. (Cracked heat exchangers promote a health risk with carbon monoxide).
  • Check burners for proper combustion.
  • Check flue motors if applicable.
  • Check for proper make up air. (This is necessary for proper fuel burning).
  • Inspect for gas leaks.

We conducted research within our customer base and their after-hours calls. Our study showed that out of 628 calls recorded, only 77 came from maintenance members, making up just 12% of the total call volume. Regular equipment checks under our Biannual Maintenance Program helps reduce the need for after-hours services, preventing issues from escalating into something bigger or more costly.

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*The difference between Basic and Basic Plus is the addition of cleaning all coils and internal cabinet/components with a specialized sanitizer. **We only service the pool heater itself. We cannot assist with other pool-related repairs. ***If any additional parts or materials are needed during maintenance, such as flush fittings, algae tabs, or refrigerant, the technician will advise you of any extra cost associated with the biannual maintenance.

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