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If you’ve noticed that you sniffle, sneeze, cough or have more headaches at home in St. Simons Island, GA compared to when you’re outside, you might wonder why. The air in your home could be up to five times more polluted than the outdoor air, and all those germs and particles could be making you sick. Air cleaners and UV lights help you improve the quality of your home’s air and create a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environment.

Trap and Remove Particles

A whole-home air cleaner, such as the Trane CleanEffects, traps and removes particles from your home’s air. It inactivates allergens and features Asthma & Allergy Friendly certification by Energy Star. Using one of these Energy Star certified whole-home air cleaners reduces your home’s energy use by up to 120 kilowatts per hour compared to a non-certified unit.

Inactivate Germs

When you spend hours indoors every day with others, chances are good that one person with a cold or the flu will spread it to others. With a UV light air purifier, the unit inactivates 99.9% of the viruses that cause influenza and the common cold. You’ll be less likely to get sick or share germs with others in your home.

Remove Odor-causing and Volatile Organic Compounds

Have you ever noticed that fumes and odors from hobbies, cooking and cleaning linger in your home’s air? With a whole-home air cleaner, you’ll breathe easier. These systems remove the odor-causing chemicals that linger after cooking, cleaning and engaging in hobbies that involve adhesives, paints and other fume-generating particles. You may experience fewer allergy or asthma symptoms with this reduction of triggering substances.

To learn more about the ways UV lights and air cleaners improve your home’s indoor air quality, take a look at The A/C Guys’ indoor air quality services, or contact us today.

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