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Commercial HVAC systems are a must-have for any business in Brunswick, GA. They help to keep workers and customers comfortable and healthy, which impacts the productivity and success of your business. If you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns in your area of work, watch out for these three common commercial HVAC issues.

1. Dirty Filters

Filters can quickly become clogged with dust and debris, restricting airflow and causing the system to work harder than necessary. This can lead to higher energy bills and potential damage to the system. Regularly cleaning or changing your air filters is essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient HVAC system.

2. Condensate Drainage Problems

HVAC systems produce condensation as they cool the air. The system has a condensation pipe for the excess water to drain outside of the house. If there’s something wrong with the pump or if there’s a blockage in the drain line, you may notice water pooling around your system or even inside your building.

This excess moisture can encourage the growth of microorganisms. Regularly inspecting and cleaning the condensate drainage system can prevent these issues and ensure your HVAC system continues to run smoothly.

3. Loss of Responsiveness

Loss of responsiveness is a common issue with commercial HVAC systems that result from various factors such as faulty wiring, malfunctioning thermostats or damaged compressors. It gets to a point where your HVAC system simply refuses to turn on, or it goes off before completing a cycle.

If not addressed promptly, loss of responsiveness can lead to a complete breakdown of the system, resulting in costly repairs or replacement. This is because the system will continue to try and operate, putting unnecessary strain on its components.

When your commercial HVAC system encounters an issue, having a dependable and skilled technician by your side can make all the difference. Call The A/C Guys today to promptly diagnose the problem and deliver effective solutions for all your maintenance, repair and installation needs.

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