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There are various indoor air pollutants around St. Simons Island, GA, including pets and chemical products. If not addressed, indoor air pollution can lead to severe human harm like lung cancer and stroke. Despite the cause of indoor air pollutants in your home, it would be best to identify the source and act to manage the issue; here are some common ones.

Carpet Fumes

Typically, newly installed carpets release fumes from the glue and backing, holding them to your floor. These chemicals may result in allergies and asthma, especially in kids. It is best to consider the best floor for your home if you are allergic to carpet fumes.


Generally, household paints contain volatile organic compounds that might lead to serious health problems. Although the organic compounds fade as the paints dry, some volatile traces may pollute your indoor air.

Some of the chemicals present in paints, like benzene and methylene chloride, might lead to cancer. To avoid the hazards related to indoor air pollution, seek help from professionals if you plan to paint your house. With expert help, you will be able to choose quality paint with less harmful compounds.

Nonstick Pots and Pans

Another indoor air contaminant is the use of nonstick pots and pans that contain toxins. Your nonstick cookware usually emits some toxic chemicals in your St. Simons Island, GA, home once you use them for cooking your meals.

To avoid the release of these harmful chemicals, don’t overheat your nonstick pots or pans. If you need to overheat your food, use cast iron or other cookware.

Arts and Crafts

You may notice a change in your indoor air quality once you take your art project outdoors. Generally, most arts and crafts products, including markers, paints and glues, contain polluting fumes once overbaked. To reduce indoor air pollution, be sure to perform your arts and crafts project outside.

One of the most effective ways to reduce indoor air pollution is to promote quality indoor air. Consider hiring our professionals to help you improve the air quality in your St. Simons Island, GA, home. For more information about our indoor air quality services, be sure to contact us at The A/C Guys right away.

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