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If the HVAC system in your St. Simons Island, Georgia, home has a dirty air filter, it won’t be able to work as well as it should. A clogged filter could also cause sudden, costly breakdowns and shorten the life of your HVAC system. Here are some of the most common signs that you need a new air filter.

High Utility Bills

When your filter is dirty, air can’t pass through it as easily. Your heater will have to work longer and harder to keep your house comfortable. High utility bills could also come from a leak in your insulation or ductwork. A problem with your system’s motor could cause the issue as well. Get it repaired by the experts at The A/C Guys before you have to get extensive work done or replace your heater and air conditioner.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When air passes through a dirty filter, it spreads contaminants instead of catching them. Levels of dust, dirt, pollen, biological growth, pet dander, and other pollutants could increase. You could even notice additional dust on your floors and furniture.

An Uncomfortable Home

When your filter is dirty, all the extra pollutants in the air could cause asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, sinus issues, eye irritation, rashes, sore throats, fatigue, or other health problems. You could also notice a stale or musty smell. If you or your family members tend to feel under the weather when you come home at night, you could have low indoor air quality from a clogged filter. Drafts or warm areas are also common because air can’t circulate as easily as it should.

To prevent these problems, change your HVAC system’s air filter once per month. If a new filter doesn’t make you more comfortable, you could have a more severe issue.

The A/C Guys have more than 45 years of HVAC and indoor air quality experience. For outstanding service from our friendly technicians, call us anytime at 912-268-1514.

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