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If your Brunswick, Georgia, home’s heater is more than a decade old or if you have to deal with frequent breakdowns, you can save money and energy by replacing it. New heaters often come with features like variable-speed fans or more than one heat source. Keep reading for more information about choosing a heater and the types that are available.

Electric Heaters

Most electric heaters use a heating element with a fan that pushes air over the hot coils to warm it. You can also have an electric heat pump installed. These devices save energy by transferring heat instead of creating it. Refrigerant inside coils in the outdoor unit and the indoor air handler absorb and distribute heat. In winter, the coils in a heat pump transfer heat to your home from the outdoor air. During the summer, they move heat away from your home like air conditioners. Since heat pumps don’t work well when the weather’s below freezing, many also feature an electric heating element.

Natural Gas Systems

Natural gas is a common fuel because of its low price and its versatility. Natural gas can fuel several types of furnaces. A single-stage furnace has a simple on and off switch while a two-stage furnace also has a lower setting to conserve fuel in mild weather. A modulating furnace has sophisticated electronic controls that can make smaller adjustments to the amount of natural gas getting to the burner and the speed of the fan. They’re more expensive, but they provide better comfort and energy savings.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal systems work like other electric heat pumps, but they transfer heat between your home and a nearby body of water or the ground instead of the air. Since ground temperature doesn’t fluctuate from season to season like air temperature, geothermal heat pumps are more efficient. They use pipes filled with water or refrigerant instead of an outdoor unit.

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