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Even though geothermal HVAC systems are cost-efficient and durable, they can sometimes develop problems. As long as you spot issues with your geothermal HVAC system in Brunswick, GA, early, a qualified professional can usually fix any problems without replacing your unit. For a complete rundown of the issues geothermal systems tend to develop, keep reading.

1. Gasket Leaks

Geothermal heating and cooling systems rely heavily on water, so you always need to be on the lookout for fluid leaks. Oftentimes, these leaks start slowly and are barely detectable. Over time, however, a leaky gasket can damage other parts of the system.

2. A Malfunctioning Pump

Instead of relying on air pressure gradients like other HVAC systems, geothermal HVAC systems pump water to circulate heat. If your unit’s ground pump malfunctions, then you’ll usually know it right away because there’ll be significant temperature changes. You can have a malfunctioning pump repaired if it hasn’t developed too much damage, but sometimes it’s just cheaper to replace this component altogether.

3. Pressure Issues

All geothermal HVAC systems use a ground loop to take heat from the ground outside of your home and move it inside. As the unit pulls in heat, water in the ground loop absorbs this heat and flows down a pressure gradient to carry thermal energy into your home. If you start having sudden heating problems, then it may be due to inadequate pressure in the ground loop.

4. Electrical Issues

Although geothermal units are more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts, they still use some electricity to function. Therefore, they aren’t immune to common electrical problems like dead capacitors or wiring issues. If you think your geothermal unit is having some electrical issues, then hire a professional who has worked with these systems before instead of fiddling with things on your own.

Whether your geothermal heat pump is having issues right now or you want preventive maintenance, we can help. To learn about all of our geothermal installation and maintenance solutions, contact The A/C Guys today.

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