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Geothermal heat pumps are especially complex systems that use an intricate network of underground pipes to perform their duties. For homeowners in Brunswick, GA to fully enjoy the benefits these systems have to offer, they must find a skilled and experienced installation team to handle the job. Here are three helpful tips on how to find the right geothermal installer for your home.

1. Check Credentials

Even if you don’t know anything about how geothermal systems work, there are some questions you can ask to reliably determine the competence and legitimacy of any prospective installation company. Before anything, ask to see a company’s HVAC license and liability insurance policy. These will at least indicate their basic know-how and show you that you’re protected against accidents that might occur on the job.

Additionally, check for a more specific geothermal installation certification from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Ask about whether the technicians working for the company you’re seeking to do business with know how to weld geothermal tubing and find out how many geothermal systems the company has installed over the last year. Finally, we recommend researching a few customer reviews of the company’s work before deciding.

2. Ask for Ground Loop Specifications

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of geothermal systems is their underground pipe network, which we call a ground loop. There are various configurations in which an installer may arrange these pipes, depending on the land you live on. We strongly advise you to ask any company to provide you with a detailed report justifying its choice of ground loop style before you agree to take its services.

3. Warranties and Maintenance

Looking beyond the installation itself, inquire about the manufacturer’s warranties and maintenance plans that the company provides. Your system will require maintenance at least once per year, though biannual maintenance would be ideal.

Even without specialized knowledge, you can still choose an excellent geothermal installer by asking the right questions. Call our team at The A/C Guys to get the best geothermal installation services around Brunswick, GA.

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