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As mother nature turns up the heat outside, homeowners expect powerful cooling performance from their air conditioners. But what if the condenser unit, which is the AC unit that sits outside the home, isn’t level? Even if the condenser started balanced as a house in Brunswick, GA settles, the unit could tilt or shift over time.

Fan Tilt

Unfortunately, a condenser installed that isn’t level, or one that has moved because of the home settling, can cause fan problems. The large fan near the top of the unit spins at very high speeds, and if unbalanced even slightly, the fan mechanism experiences much greater stress during use. Over time, the fan could eventually contact other components in the unit, causing complete fan failure.

Fluid Efficiency

There are multiple fluid types in an air conditioning condenser, including refrigerant and oil. These fluids run inside tubes throughout the unit and transport crucial material to working components. However, when the balance is off, fluid can become trapped along certain line sections, stopping the flow.


When a condenser becomes unbalanced, another concern is excessive vibration. One comparison might be a washing machine with an unbalanced load and how powerful tremors can cause a violent reaction throughout the unit. With an air conditioner condenser, rapid vibration can loosen connections, causing severe mechanical problems.

In addition, the tubes carrying costly refrigerant can begin to leak, and the air conditioner will eventually be unable to create cold air. Refrigerants can be expensive to refill, and technicians will also need to identify where the leak originated to prevent continued issues.

Contact us at A/C Guys, for professional repair and maintenance to prevent problems down the road. Our Biannual Maintenance Program is an excellent way for homeowners in Brunswick, GA to ensure their air conditioners are in top shape to combat the seasonal heat. Don’t get blind-sided by costly air conditioner repairs; instead, contact us for a comprehensive inspection.

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