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Your heat pump comprises both mechanical and electrical components. Over time and use, these components are prone to damage. Whether you should repair or replace your heat pump in St. Simons Island, GA will depend on several factors described below.

Your Heat Pump’s Age

As the mechanical and electrical components of the heat pump run, they experience wear and tear. When weighing up the costs of repairs versus replacement, the age of your entire system plays a major role. After 10 years of service, Energy Star usually recommends upgrading it.

A newer system will offer high efficiency and reliable service. Additionally, a newer system will have fewer breakdowns during the peak season compared to an old system that has undergone several repairs.

High Energy Efficiency and Conversion Rate

A well-maintained heat pump will last longer, but as time goes, its efficiency will reduce drastically. Changing the filters and carrying out scheduled maintenance on the heating coils will ensure it runs seamlessly throughout the seasons. Replacing your old HVAC system will be necessary when you notice your overall energy bills are increasing significantly.

General Performance of the Heat Pump

Whether you should repair or replace your system is entirely dependent on the level of comfort offered by the system. It’s better to spend money on a modern unit rather than trying to restore an old one that may be missing some of the latest high-tech efficiency features. You will get a consistent temperature for less cost from a new and modern system as opposed to an old one.

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