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Programmable thermostats are excellent investments for you and your family. It can turn your heating or air conditioning system down automatically when you leave for work or go to bed. A programmable thermostat can bring your St. Simons Island, Georgia, home back to a comfortable temperature before you come home or wake up.

Many programmable thermostats in the HVAC industry offer sophisticated monitoring, automatic learning, and convenient controls. They can help you save by lowering your utility expenses, and they can help you improve your indoor air quality. Here are three benefits of programmable thermostats.

Extensive Monitoring

A programmable thermostat with humidity and indoor air quality monitors can respond automatically to changes and adjust your heater and air conditioner’s settings to compensate for different moisture levels in your home’s air. Many programmable thermostats can also keep track of energy use throughout your home. You can even get helpful maintenance reminders when it’s time to change your air filter or get an inspection from a professional.

Automatic Learning

A smart or learning thermostat is a type of programmable thermostat that can connect wirelessly to cameras or motion sensors in your home. It can learn your routine over time so you can avoid spending the time to program it manually.

Convenient Controls

You can control many programmable thermostats from your computer, phone, touchscreen device, or remote. This lets you make changes even when you’re away from home. You can also require a password to keep kids or guests from making unwanted changes. Some models like the Trane ComfortLink II XL1050 Zoning Control can control separate areas or zones independently. With a compatible HVAC system, you can avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms and let family members choose the temperatures they prefer for their bedrooms. You can also make changes to other devices with wireless capabilities, such as lights or locks.

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