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When the heating system in your Jekyll Island, Georgia, home starts making noises, it can be more than annoying — it’s potentially dangerous for you and your HVAC system. Here are some sounds your heater might make over time and what their causes might be.


When your heater makes a squealing noise, it generally means that a component in your system has deteriorated or has gotten out of place. Maybe it’s a belt, the motor itself, a bearing — generally, anything that can rub against another part. These sounds usually don’t mean anything is directly wrong with your system, but you should still look at them eventually. If unaddressed, they may create bigger problems in the future as they rub against other components and cause further damage.


When your heater starts vibrating, it generally means that something in your system is loose and needs tightening. The source of this noise is often difficult to find. It may come from loose ducts, the furnace rattling against the floor, a problem with your heater’s motor, or another issue. If you find the problem and the solution is easy, you can attempt to pad or reattach the loose part. If the problem isn’t obvious, you may want to call a professional to find and fix it.


If your heater is making a loud booming sound when you turn it on, you need to have it fixed immediately. This sound is sometimes created by a poorly timed gas ignition. As gas is released in your heater, it’s supposed to be ignited quickly. When it isn’t, excess gas builds up until the ignition finally kicks in and creates a small explosion. This can cause severe damage to your heater, and it’s dangerous for you and your family.

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