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While it’s recommended for Brunswick, Georgia, homeowners to perform a few maintenance tasks, such as changing the air filter, there are some HVAC tasks you shouldn’t DIY. Sizing the unit, projects involving electrical components, preventive maintenance, and repairing short cycling issues are all tasks that require professional expertise.

Sizing Your HVAC System

If you’re purchasing a new HVAC unit, leave sizing it to the pros. Undertaking this task yourself can leave you with a system that’s too big or small for your home, which can cause all sorts of issues. An HVAC professional will take into account things like window size and location, square footage, ceiling height, and the climate of the area. With this information, they will be able to determine the HVAC size you need for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Dealing with Electrical Issues

An HVAC unit is a complex system composed of many high-voltage components, including an assortment of electric wires, tubes, and motors. To start a cycle, the system needs around 5000 watts of electricity. Don’t risk your health and well-being by checking on electrical components within the system. Instead, call for professional help.

Performing Preventive Maintenance

HVAC preventive maintenance tasks may seem simple, but they’re not. Preventive maintenance requires specialized care by a trained technician. Your HVAC system’s components are highly technical and having them professionally serviced can help them perform well and last for years.

Fixing Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when a unit turns off and on frequently during a short time period. It strains the unit and drives up utility bills. While it’s often tempting to figure out the issue yourself to save a little money, leave short cycling problems to a technician. Several issues can cause short cycling. An HVAC professional can help you pinpoint the problem and fix it in a timely manner.

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