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Your heat pump makes some expected noises every time it runs. You normally hear a swooshing sound as it kicks on and similar noises as the pump turns off. Find out the five common signs you should not ignore and when to call for help with your Brunswick, GA heat pump.

1. Gurgling

When your heat pump produces a gurgling sound, it’s a sign that the refrigerant is low. Without enough refrigerant, your heat pump cannot run efficiently and may cause your heating bills to increase.

2. Rattling

Heat pumps can make rattling noises, which usually indicate a loose part. Yours may also make some thumping noises that sound like two parts hitting each other. A professional will need to find the damaged or loose part.

3. Banging

If you hear banging sounds, consider turning off your heat pump and calling for a heating repair. This often indicates that a foreign object is near the fan and hitting the blades.

4. Hissing

Many heat pumps use a reversing valve, which changes the flow of refrigerant. If it begins making a hissing sound, you usually have a defective valve. The noise will persist until you replace the valve.

5. Humming

A humming sound occurs when the heat pump or any of its parts vibrate. This might happen because one of the mounting feet is missing or loose or when the ground under the unit isn’t level. You need to have one of our technicians take a look at the heat pump to find out if it’s an easy fix or a more serious issue.

The A/C Guys can soothe your worried mind and keep you from panicking when your heat pump makes strange noises. They have the skills necessary to diagnose heat pumps and determine what causes those sounds. Call The A/C Guys to schedule heat pump services if you hear unusual noises.

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