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Maintaining proper airflow in your home helps to regulate temperature and prevent clogging of the HVAC system. Proper air circulation also improves the indoor air quality for your loved ones, potentially preventing respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Here are easy tips you can use to maintain excellent airflow in your Brunswick, GA, home.

Open the Doors and Windows

This is one of the simplest and inexpensive methods of ensuring great air circulation in your home. You can keep the doors and windows open when the weather is clear and dry with low pollen amounts. Opening doors and windows that are opposite from each other create a cross-breeze, allowing air circulation.

However, don’t open the doors and windows during the hot and humid times and when there’s little to no breeze. During such times, you should maintain good air circulation using the air conditioner.

Turn On the Ceiling Fans

Turning on ceiling fans is another simple method of maintaining even circulation of air in your home. You can opt to use the fans in the evening when you can’t open the doors and windows or during the hot and humid times of the day.

When you need to circulate cool air in the home during the summer, you should ensure that the fans rotate counterclockwise. The chilling effect created by these ceiling fans helps to cool you off by allowing sweat to evaporate from the skin.

Conduct Duct Cleaning

Leaks and cracks in the home allow dust, pollen and other debris to sneak into your ductwork. Accumulation of these pollutants blocks the ducts, preventing good airflow in the home. Blocked ductwork also makes your air conditioner work harder, reducing efficiency and increasing energy bills.

However, duct cleaning will help solve this problem and ensure fresh air is flowing in your home. Therefore, contact professional technicians to clean the ductwork if you suspect that you have clogged ducts.

Inspect the Vents and Registers

To maintain proper airflow in your home, you should ensure that the vents and registers remain open. Closed vents and registers make the HVAC system work hard to provide conditioned air in the home, worsening airflow problems.

However, if you feel that keeping the air conditioning unit running in some parts of your home is unnecessary, you can talk to HVAC professionals about zoning your home. Zoning gives you control over the airflow and temperatures in your home without reducing the unit’s efficiency. If you reside in Brunswick, GA, contact our technicians at The A/C Guys, and we can perform annual maintenance services to your HVAC unit to improve your airflow.

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