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Your St. Simons Island, GA, home’s air conditioner has worked hard all summer long to keep your home cool and comfortable. As the season transitions to cooler weather, you might be thinking of what needs to be done in order to get your heating system ready. Your home’s air ducts are often forgotten when it comes to heating and cooling maintenance. Read on to learn three signs you need air duct cleaning.

Visible Dust Buildup

When your air ducts are filled with dust, some of that dust will blow through the registers and get stuck to their covers. If you see dust buildup there, you can be certain that you need prompt duct cleaning service. You may also notice that dust builds up quickly on flat surfaces. Even if you clean the surfaces regularly, a new layer of dust will form each time your heating or cooling system cycles.

Unexplained High Energy Bills

When your home’s air ducts are obstructed with dust and debris, the heated or cooled air can’t make it into your living spaces. The thermostat won’t register a change in temperature, so it will keep signaling to your heating or cooling system to cycle. This will increase your utility bills because the startup of a cycle uses a lot of energy. It could also lead to a shorter heating and cooling system lifespan, explains the Environmental Protection Agency.

Air Filters Get Dirty Quickly

We recommend checking your heating and air conditioning system’s air filter once each month. If it’s dirty after just one month, this suggests that there’s a lot of dust and debris within your heating and cooling system. Your home’s ducts may have gaps allowing dust to get inside. It’s also possible that pests are in the ducts. Both situations warrant professional duct cleaning services.

To learn more about the signs you need air duct cleaning, take a look at The A/C Guys’ duct cleaning services, or call us today for additional details.

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