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Commercial refrigeration equipment maintains precise temperatures to protect your inventory and your business. Any little problem can affect the unit’s performance while endangering valuable merchandise and perishable items. Mechanical problems can sneak up on you gradually or develop suddenly. If your business in Brunswick, Georgia, depends on reliable refrigeration equipment, familiarize yourself with these warning signs to prevent safety violations and avoid inventory losses.

1. Loud Operating Noises

Rattling, grinding and humming noises could be caused by a loose part or something more serious. Loose fan blades and unsecured access panels are some of the noisiest problems, but they’re easy to fix. However, loud humming noises could also indicate that the compressor is failing. Have the system checked sooner rather than later.

2. Warm Spots

Commercial freezers and walk-in coolers must maintain uniform temperatures to preserve perishables and meet food safety requirements. If you notice that certain shelves are consistently warmer or colder than others, have our technicians inspect the system. Refrigerant leaks, dusty coils and faulty controls are often responsible for temperature imbalances.

3. Frost Buildup and Humidity Imbalances

Your commercial cooling equipment needs to balance the temperature and the humidity for the items that you’re storing. Humidity problems, such as condensation and foggy windows, often occur when the door gasket needs replacement. Excess ice buildup in your commercial freezer could indicate that the defrost timer is defective.

4. No Cooling or Excessive Cooling

Defective electronic controls can cause two seemingly unrelated problems. On one hand, a failing capacitor or relay switch might prevent the unit from powering up and keeping your inventory cold. On the other hand, a malfunctioning sensor might force the compressor to run continuously.

Mechanical and electrical malfunctions often lead to secondary issues and inventory losses. If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, do not wait for the problem to worsen. You can reach The A/C Guys by calling 912-268-1514 to schedule a commercial refrigeration repair. You may also learn about our commercial HVAC and refrigeration services online.

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