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The air quality in your Brunswick, GA house has a major impact on both comfort and health. Here are some of the indications of bad indoor air to look for. Call a reputable HVAC technician for assistance if you observe any of these indicators of poor indoor air quality.

Cold Symptoms

Even if you don’t have allergies, bad air quality can trigger cold-like symptoms. Breathing dirty air can cause headaches, a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, nausea, irritated eyes and sinus pain or pressure.

Significant Dust Buildup

Inspect the air vents in your Brunswick, GA home. Do you see any noticeable dust accumulation on or around them? Is there noticeable dust on your filters after a month of use?

These are indications that your house has an exceptionally high quantity of dust, dirt and other contaminants. You should check the filter monthly and change it as needed.

Unpleasant Odors

If you detect more unpleasant smells than normal or if bad odors persist, your house may have bad air quality. Some activities, like cooking, may cause momentarily strong smells; however, if the odors you’re smelling are regular or constant, it might suggest a decrease in indoor airflow and a dip in your indoor air quality.

Unexplained Skin Rashes

There’s a link between redness and skin rashes to many indoor air contaminants. You may also experience itchy and dry skin. When you can’t identify another explanation for these symptoms, investigate your air quality as it could be the unseen perpetrator.

Brunswick, GA homeowners should make enhancing indoor air quality their top priority. Contact The A/C Guys for cost-effective indoor air quality services so that our experienced service technicians can handle all your air conditioning, heating, heat pump, ductless AC, geothermal and duct cleaning needs.

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