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Among HVAC components, the thermostat is easy to forget. However, these devices have a service life of approximately 10 years. Here are five reasons a new thermostat is a wise investment for your Jekyll Island, GA, home this year.

1. Better Comfort

Newer thermostats allow you to control the overall comfort in your home. Depending on your HVAC system, this may include more than automating your thermostat settings with programs. It may also include controlling the circulating air volume, which allows for more constant temperature control.

2. Improved Efficiency

Newer thermostats have more sensitive instruments, which translates into more accurate temperature readings. More accurate readings help eliminate longer run cycles, driving down your energy consumption. This improved efficiency also helps reduce the need for strain-related AC and furnace repairs.

3. Easier to Use

A chief complaint about many of the older thermometers is how difficult they’re to use. Thermostat manufacturers have focused on improving the user experience, making their units easier and more user-friendly. New digital thermostats make it simple to see your thermostat setting, see the mode and set a program.

4. Extended HVAC Service Life

Your HVAC system’s service life is in part dependent on how efficiently it continues to run. When your thermostat causes that efficiency to drop, it adds operational strain to your system. This additional strain wears on every part, increasing repairs and reducing its expected service life.

5. More Control Options

With non-programmable thermostats, you have to change your temperature manually. However, you can set a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature when you aren’t home or when you’re in bed. According to the Department of Energy, using a programmable thermostat can save you 10% on your utility costs annually.

Go a step beyond programmable thermostats, and you have smart learning and remote-access thermostats. These are easier to program because they learn when to adjust temps based on how you adjust the thermostat. With remote-access units, you can manage the unit from any smart device.

If your thermostat and air conditioner are more than 10 years old, you may consider replacing both. Call The A/C Guys to schedule an air conditioning consultation with one of our expert technicians today.

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