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Getting you through a hot St. Simons Island, GA, summer is your air conditioner’s most important job. Read on to learn about four air conditioning problems that could lead to a breakdown and how to avoid unnecessary repairs.

A Dirty Air Filter

Simply keeping your HVAC system’s air filter free from dirt, dust and debris is one way to keep your air conditioner working properly. A dirty filter restricts air from flowing through the ductwork and negatively impacts your home’s indoor air quality.

Your AC unit must overwork to create adequate airflow. The result of this is typically unwanted AC repair work down the road. Make it a point to replace the air filter every 30 to 90 days.

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant in order to remove heat from your home’s interior and create a cool environment. A leak isn’t something that you can fix by simply putting in more refrigerant. Instead, you need to bring in an AC technician and have them repair the hole in the lines.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your outside air conditioner unit includes condenser coils that must be free from dirt in order to operate correctly. It’s common for these coils to become caked with dirt and grime over time. Your unit has to work harder than it should, leading to breakdowns as other HVAC system parts begin to fail.

Problems with the Fan

The outdoor AC unit has a fan that keeps the condenser cool. Anything that keeps this fan from functioning properly results in poor airflow and other issues.

The fan might stop working due to a worn-out belt, dirt and debris, lack of lubrication or a failing motor. The compressor will fail if you let this go on too long. The solution is to get it fixed by a professional immediately.

Have you noticed any of these problems? If so, then please reach out to our air conditioning experts. Contact The A/C Guys to schedule your next AC maintenance appointment, and make sure your air conditioner keeps your family comfortable throughout the summer.

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