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Winter temperature have arrived in Brunswick, GA, meaning that for the next few months, your furnace will be in use more heavily than it has been at any other time of the year. Since this is the worst imaginable time for your heating system to break down or underperform, you should be on the lookout for looming problems. Here are three signs that your furnace just isn’t as efficient as it used to be.

1. Very High Energy Bills

If your energy costs balloon with no clear explanation, then you can be confident that the efficiency of your furnace is in steep decline. There might be many reasons for this, including system age and a lack of proper maintenance.

2. Increasing Need for Repairs

Professional repairs are essential for keeping your furnace in good working order. However, you should need them only relatively rarely. A good fix should leave your furnace running without any issues for quite a while.

If some other part appears to break down again almost as soon as you fix your system, then overall efficiency is being affected. If repairs begin approaching half of the cost of a new system, it would be smart to consider a new system.

3. Age

All furnaces degrade with age. Time and continuous use wear down the critical components in your furnace. Prompt repairs and regular maintenance can do quite a bit to slow down this process, but nothing can stave it off forever. A 20-year-old furnace will never be as efficient as a brand-new one.

A typical furnace can last for approximately 15 to 20 years. If yours has aged into this range, you can expect to see noticeable slumps in efficiency.

If the efficiency of your furnace falls enough, or repairs are crippling its ability to heat, it may be time to get a new one. To get a new system, just call the A/C Guys in Brunswick, GA and ask for our heating installation services.

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